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Star Tattoo Ideas – How to Choose

Tuesday, September 11th 2012. | Star Tattoos

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A design of the tattoo, which is surprising for men and women of very popular star. Women want to go to the smallest stars and other stars that are more nautical or masculine. Some choose to tattoo on a particular part of the body and others their lives in a way to the stars.

One of the most popular star tattoo ideas is a symbol of a goal. Some people have a star tattoo as a way to remember, never give up your dream, no matter what happens or what gets in the way. It can symbolize the desire and determination to achieve their goals.

Astronomy is another reason why a person would choose a star tattoo. It can symbolize everything a person wants to learn about heaven or heavenly bodies. A person can have a deep interest in astronomy, and when they see their star tattoo to be reminded. You may remember an important event in their lives. For example, married and therefore part of a religion, or just change your lifestyle. Here are some ideas to consider are star tattoo.

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Nautical Star Design

In the old days, when compasses were not invented, people used to the stars as a guide to help them navigate. The sailors used to wear nautical star type as a way to take long trips and now this superstition has held.


There are many different meanings for this star. He has five points and one example is that four of the five points of the elements air, earth, water and fire symbolize. The fifth point can symbolize the spirit of the elements.

Shooting star

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Shooting Star tattoos can also have many meanings. It can be an event in the life of a person who may be affected or a change that has already happened. It can be a job, a particular person or even a fleeting romance to be.

These are just a few ideas star tattoo. There are many ways to do this kind of tattoo that fits your personal style and life as you want to do. They can be used in almost every part of your body.

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