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Looking for star tattoo

Tuesday, June 5th 2012. | Star Tattoos

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Tattoos are a very powerful way of expressing their own ideas and beliefs. People who have known from the earliest times. Dyed in the old days, sailors star tattoos as a sign of victory. Many people think that tattoos are only drafts. But they are wrong. Each tattoo has a meaning attached to it.

Some are quite popular these days. There are different types of stars with different meanings associated with it. For some people, tattoos of stars are a symbol of the desire or performance of something, while the people who have colored the star tattoos as a representation of the top in their lives. They can be colored in different parts of the tattoo on his body. Men tend to star on wrist, arm and shoulder back color, while the place for women in your lower back, collarbone, wrist, hip, ankle and shoulder.

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Tattoos can be classified into shooting star, nautical star, pentagram, hexagram or Star of David, Nonogram, star, star tattoo zodiac, etc.

Falling stars are the way to the incidents that can not forget in your whole life to represent. These incidents may be different for different people. The incident, his first love, a romance that did not take long for a memorable picnic with his family. Shooting stars look beautiful and are ideal for keeping the eternal memory of a lifetime.

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Almost everyone is familiar with nautical Star (North Star). Before the invention of the magnetic compass North Star as a navigational aid by sailors. Get signed in the old days of the nautical star tattoo Sailors to ensure they do not forget the road. People are more adventurous nautical star tattoos as a sign to make your own way. Nautical star tattoos are a sign of leadership and safety.

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Another type of star is a pentagram tattoo. The top and the other down: The Pentagram Star tattoo set of two different types. The five pointed star or pentagram, demonstrated that the nature of the balance of stability and security to represent, while the lower representation of the devil. People who worship demons down for getting tattoos as a sign of faith in the devil.

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Another design is hexagram or Star of David. Star of David is a very powerful symbol in the religion of Judaism. It is about establishing a connection to the divine powers in dealing with the common man. Star of David tattoo is a symbol of maintaining a balance in life.

My tattoo design is a design Nonogram. A Nonogram is a star of nine points. This type of design of the star is very rare. This tattoo is the symbol of balance and stability in life.

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