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Italian Tattoo Design

Tuesday, May 29th 2012. | Tattoo Designs

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It seems a large audience interested is in tattoos written in foreign languages. Celtic Egyptian and Japanese-American Indians (tribe), the matrix or the writing is almost unlimited. In recent years, the Italian a step forward in the world of tattoos. Origin in the big cities of New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami and San Francisco, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčItalian-inspired tattoos, the whole nation. From simple tattoos as the national flag or several word sentences, full back or full protective cover seems that this trend is definitely here to stay!

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The biggest problem with breaking the language barrier, says that the tattoo read correctly. A mixture of the label and his work is a work of joy! Take the fishing and Pesce. Fishing The word means ‘peace’, a word that many people want to do is add to tattoos. But the word Pesce look the same, but it means “fish”! What is the word Amare, that ‘love’ means, while the term Amaro means “bitter”! It seems the most logical way to prevent a catastrophic failure would be a lot of research, much more to do. After all, if “color”, there is something deep, meaningful and special to you personally. No doubt, you should, because it will be a permanent place in your body!

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Italy has a rich history of a topic – LOVE (Amare). You has the romantic gondolas float, happy pairs up and down the waterways. You have the great paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Also, what is better than the kitchen – of pizzas up to Margehrita to accompany in the north of Italy, in sauces for pasta in the south of Italy? (A little history, the kitchen – red pasta sauces are native to southern Italy, and white pasta sauces are native to northern Italy!)

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From the famous entertainment attributed Rocky Balboa (the Italian Stallion); famous lascivious body of Sophia Loren, the environment and the sex appeal of the Italians developed in the Italian language tattoos can be built. Many of the Italian tattoos originated in the world of gangs and prisons. If there is a way to decipher the true loyalty of a mobster, a tattoo would definitely do it! However, the bad boy gear-banger tattoos eventually to the common public, but with a twist. No more using the darkest set illustrates that a member of the gang, the Italian language in tattoos, more inclined towards the side of caramel began.

italian tattoo design 5 Italian Tattoo Design

Now terms such as “La Bella” (Beautiful), “Love” (Amare), “Peace” (Fisheries) have, and “Forever” (per Semper), that in allusion on the lives of the Italian passion and relaxation. Newer tattoos designed in Italian, the tendency towards the “_____” Forever types to lean on. It says Live Forever (In Stress Per Sempre), or a single word in a larger tattoo, it seems that the Italian language not only penetrated the American culture, but literally on the skin as well.Tattoos forever, so you want to ensure you the most comprehensive color before being selected. Did you know you can store up to 500 different styles of tattoo do you think? Flip through hundreds of tattoo parlor books can be a bit tiring.

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