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Greek Tattoos for girls

Thursday, July 12th 2012. | Tattoos for Girls

Greek Tattoos 1 300x150 Greek Tattoos for girls

Do you think tattoos are for boys only Greek? Well, think again because some of the best Greek tattoos for girls. Not only the design, but by another user, but!

At one point in time in a woman’s tattoos were not the “norm”, and many women who had covered when in public. Thank God in the world today, so we can have fun with tattoos, because children can not be blamed for.

Popular places for girls to get tattoos, back, ankles, wrists, navel, and include in the hips. Greek Tattoos for girls can be really great and, if the habit and not just the old standard design for a living book. Let’s look at what is popular and view a history of Greece at the top.


Greek Tattoos 2 300x150 Greek Tattoos for girls

Butterflies are very popular and many people do not realize that in fact the Greek meant. The ancient Greek word for butterfly is psyche, the “soul” means. In Greek mythology, butterflies have been associated with the human soul. They were gone, when the souls of those who flew into the sky.

The Greek god Eros, he married a woman named human psyche. They are close together, surrounded by beautiful butterflies that appear. Greek Tattoos for girls, simple shapes or complex designs of butterflies around a figure or figures.


Greek Tattoos 3 300x150 Greek Tattoos for girls

Greek Tattoos for girls would not be complete without a reference to the angels. The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “Angelos”. In short, Angelos means messenger. In Greek religion, an Angelos is a divine messenger of the gods was the message transmitted to humans. They were the intermediaries between the gods and earthlings are. Some of the gods, even had wings and there is even a hint of some of the myths of people who could fly.

The halo associated with angels Christians actually originated in the Greek period. The sun god Helios was depicted in many paintings with a halo. The image of the halo (or the golden light) remains and is generally associated with the angels.

Gel can be simple in itself, or more comprehensive, if desired. She looks great as a token of great flying in clouds or floating elegantly on the floor. The possibilities are endless.

Both butterflies and large Greek angels tattoos for girls. The secret of a tattoo that is beyond the reach of the rest, part of the research itself Remember that the designs you see in a living room is very simple. They are so designed and, as soon as possible.

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