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Fairy Tattoos for girls

Thursday, July 12th 2012. | Tattoos for Girls

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Why Fairy tattoos are so popular among girls? Cultures have different archetypes of what fairies appear and where they come from. Some fairy tattoos are usually unsightly, while others are soft and feminine. All these different views of the fairies back to the assumptions and cultural expectations to tell. As a result, fairy tattoos a great way for girls, personality and cultural beliefs present!

Celts believed that the fairies a kind of man by man, when he was all over the world were forced to hide. Various legends about fairies, that is, was born.

Fairy Tattoos 2 300x150 Fairy Tattoos for girls

Some elders by the fairies were dead return to the world and its hidden places to haunt. The story of this kind are usually pale, thin and cadaverous. Here comes the legend of the “lost soul”. Others believed that fairies were elementals, the spirits of the various elements of the earth. Fairies in this class are associated with the soil or rock gnome-like, and in combination with the ghostly air.

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In the post-Christian legend, the fairies are angels from heaven, as God the gates were closed, locked gradient. In Puritan America, the fairies were devils spawn, fairies and ugly plate as a dwarf-like creatures. Today most people think of fairies as beautiful as nymphs, women with wings of dragonfly or butterfly. This is strongly influenced by our understanding of how art and literature portrays fairies affected.

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For fairy tattoos, you can do everything from ugly to select beautiful! These data can a memory Celtic embossed design and the impermanence of life. A playful sprite can challenge modern standards of beauty and value in comparison with a standard window. However, the classical female nymph mean feminine beauty, nature and earth. Most girls prefer cute fairy tattoos, his inner and outer beauty of expression.

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Fairy tattoos have many different styles, that’s great, because there is something for everyone! If you are interested in fairy tattoos, you have to orient themselves and many different designs. The more you look, the sooner you get the best that you will not regret later.

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