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All About Tattoos of Angels

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012. | Angel Tattoos

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The angel is a spiritual being created by God. The word angel comes from Greek and means “messenger” or “one who is sent.” The corners have shown in history as God’s messengers and soldiers. They gave their word and took your punishment upon mankind.


 All About Tattoos of Angels

Serve the angels and guardian of human and peoples. The three major world religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) mention Angels in their sacred texts. Angels are seen as a link between heaven and earth, believed that a gift of God for our safety, protection and guidance.

In many respects, the angels hung like a winged creature on earth to protect against bad elements in the human diet sample.

Guardian Angels

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Guardian Angel is considered the protectors of humanity in times of crisis. These guardian angels are often depicted with or watching the children.

In fact, David Beckham, the England captain and footballer (soccer player) in his recent autobiography, about the meaning of the angel tattoo on the back and said, “I want to feel that my children are with me, despite that is your name tattooed on my back after each away from home. And not just in my heart. I had. no guardian angel there, too, that both serve. ”


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The Archangels are the seven angels who stand before God in Revelation. These angels are closest to God in the heavenly order. The Archangels are the divine messengers between humans and God. They are the warriors of the sons of darkness. The most famous of the seven archangels Michael. Michael is considered the fight against Lucifer (another Archangel) lead in the great rebellion. Michael is usually depicted in body armor, with a large sword with wings swept in preparation.


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Cherubs are the messengers of love. A good example is Cupid uses his bow and arrow to fall in love through the hearts of the people shooting each other in making his warning. Therefore, an arrow into the heart usually accompanies these angel tattoos. Often the name of a loved Cupid tattoo is taken.

Fallen Angels

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The fallen angels are a symbol of the epic battle between God and Lucifer, as a symbol of a fall from grace. Believers in the Judeo-Christian theology that when Lucifer and his army were defeated and the Dark Angels from heaven, angel said to them, say in the fiery depths of the earth have fallen.

The typical fallen angel tattoos usually depicted as a menacing looking angel with a bloody sword in his hand. Other fallen angels are depicted with broken wings or wounds, or even with horns. These tattoos of angels often use a darker, heavier ink the design seems better acquainted. Fallen angels are popular with Goths and bikers but also those who are followers of Satan and the Dark Arts.


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Angel tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women. Angel tattoos are attractive because they represent peace, beauty, intelligence, morality and spirituality.

An angel tattoo on a woman means that she looks inward towards her soul to find her purest sense of self. She is divine, and often patients and their presence is a gift. It protects itself, but also to others, and finds that sometimes beauty in the trust. And the winner Angel tattoo has the belief that not settle for less of something and move where needed

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To a man, an angel tattoo is a symbol of many things. Men who wear angel tattoos are often fond of women. They often choose a sexy angel to represent their masculinity. These men choose angel tattoos to announce that she is a woman who is the angel of his life. This is a popular choice for men who have a high priority on a particular woman, but this is not always the case. They have frequently taken in the real bad guys and the cowboys, men who swear by the tattoos that say they help women.

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