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5 Tattoos I’m Sick of Doing

Friday, September 7th 2012. | Name Tattoos

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1) Stars – the volume of star tattoos people want is almost biblical proportions, literally, as I must do five tattoos three stars in the design or just a big star. Star, nautical star with flames in them, star outline surrounded by a star outline tattoo, big stars, stars and of course shooting stars. Falling stars are usually in the foot or panty line.

2) Logos – You can use a Cadillac logo or just the word “Cadillac” tattooed side of his chest, a tool. People actually the Nike swish logo tattooed body of other people’s money to pay his company logo tattooed on. The logos are usually standing ankle area, this is a free place to get a tattoo, because it is not visible in most cases.

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3) Names – People used to think that women or men name tattooed on them, maybe a banner with a beautiful bird on top of these trends heart.Now their own name tattooed on yourself to rule over women wrist, and on the breast or underarm in men. The Old English name tattooed on the stomach continues its popularity among the urban customers.

4) Barcodes – Well, I thought, the barcode tattoo extinct, but in recent years has gained a degree of popularity. At least twice a month, a man asked a barcode tattoo, always in the back of the neck. I never do, the lines close together and in a very short period of barcode tattoos look very bad.

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5) The characters in video games – are used to TV charter, Bart Simpson, Beavis and Butthead. Now video game enthusiasts have bad tattoo realm of causes Mario, a simple Google search brings tons of shit Metriod video game tattoos. I tattooed this little stupid fungus nausea Mario Brothers, so if you are thinking of getting a tattoo Pac-Man, because it would be great to not disturb the original.

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